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Lebanon , Thursday 19 April 2018

News Lebanon » Places: Lebanon’s Precarious Place in the Syria War

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Publication date: Sunday 15 April 2018

Lebanon is on a high-wire tightrope. It has the potential to become an influential partner for Western countries seeking some sort of resolution in the increasingly worrisome conflict in Syria. Beirut's stated policy of neutrality and deep historic ties to ...

News Lebanon » Places: Hezbollah Will Be the Big Winner in Lebanon's Elections

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Publication date: hursday 19 April 2018

Last year, Lebanon passed an electoral law that boosted Hezbollah's ... In short, the new law is designed to cement the status quo, keeping many of the same key political figures in place while bringing more Hezbollah loyalists into parliament.

News Lebanon » Places: 500 Syria refugees begin returning home from Lebanon

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Publication date: Wednesday 18 April 2018

Lebanon's National News Agency said the operation was taking place in coordination with General Security and based on lists of names provided in advance. And Syrian state news agency SANA said the refugees would be returning to the village of Beit Jin and ...

News Lebanon » Places: Lebanon's Waste Warriors Fight the Rising Tide of Trash

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 April 2018

it is citizens’ initiatives that remain Lebanon’s best bet. This year, OZY is going Around the World, bringing you untold stories from every single country on the map, one day at a time, to introduce you to new people, new trends and new places.

News Lebanon » Places: 10 Affordable Places for Difficult-to-Find Cuisines in NYC

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Publication date: onday 16 April 2018

including Israel and Lebanon. New York City is lucky enough to have a restaurant that represents the cuisine. At Gazala’s Place in Hell’s Kitchen, named for chef-owner Gazala Halabi, many of the dishes will sound familiar to anyone who’s been in a ...

News Lebanon » Places: Jordan and Lebanon Are Going Broke and Israel Should Worry

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Publication date: uesday 10 April 2018

By Middle East standards, Jordan is a citadel of stability, and even though the threat of war with Hizbollah is ever-present, Lebanon has been a placid place since its own civil war ended in 1990. That may be about to change. Jordan and Lebanon have been ...

News Lebanon » Places: Lebanon proposes school budget increase

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Publication date: Friday 13 April 2018

LEBANON — The Lebanon Community School District plans to ... Hess said the coming budget year finds the district "in a good place to invest," with a higher-than-expected State School Fund plus growing enrollment. The result: a proposed general fund ...

News Lebanon » Places: 2 dead Reading-area men identified in Lebanon County incident

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 April 2018

Police in Lebanon County on Wednesday identified two Berks County ... The chief said investigators checked with the places he mentioned and no one fitting the description was seen, and there was nothing found on surveillance video at those places.